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Fossil amber insects for sale. Amber amber fossil stores stock amber with insect, botanical, spider, arthropod and other inclusions, some quite rare. On this page you will find amber jewelry fossils and insects with lots of pictures. Amber Workshop offers fossil insects, like those in Jurassic Park. All types of amber with fossils Dominican, Baltic, Copal. Not only do insects become trapped in amber but also plants. Amber specimens with fossil inclusions and related items. Pieces of amber containing insects and plant parts allow us glimpses into the distant past, in fact, millions and millions of years into the past. Amber filled with insects - Grasshopper, flies, tree bark, seeds. Rare Collectible Fossils.Tiny Insects in Amber, Fish, Ammonites, Trilobites. Most of the insects embalmed in amber are extinct species. It the embalmed inclusion in the resin is from an extant species. Collection inclusions in Baltic amber. Fossil insects and other fossils. A great place to go to find out about amber and the insects and other plants. amber and the real piece of amber under a viewer/magnifying glass/microscope for a better view. fossils magnifying display box. In some cases a Magnifying glass will be needed to see the insects in the amber, but as you can see by the pictures you can see the insects.Real natural amber fossils for your shop, boutique, private collection. Amber fossils with insect inclusions for sale. Buy insect inclusions from first hands. Inclusions in magnifier boxes, collection amber with plant and insect inclusions. We actively sell amber fossils in USA, UK, Canada, Autsratila, France (Paris) Germany, Japan, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and many other countries.

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Insect inclusions in Baltic amber

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Collection stones

AmberWorkshop offers wide variety of amber inclusions. We have a collection of approximately 100 amber stones with different insects trapped in amber. Also we may supply other insect inclusions in amber.

We have amber stones with:

  • insect inclusions in magnifying box
  • insect inclusions
  • plant inclusions

Price of amber stones.

The price of amber stones with insect inclusions start from $39. The average stone price is $195.

Ordering amber inclusions

If you are interested to buy stones with insect inclusions or If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

Information about amber inclusions

The fossils are mostly insects such as gnats, flies, wasps, bees and ants. Occasionally more exotic insects are trapped in the amber such as grasshoppers, preying mantises, beetles, moths, termites, butterflies, etc.

Other non-insect animals are found in amber too such as spiders, centipedes, scorpions and even frogs and lizards. No really large animals like mammals or birds are seen in amber but feathers and fur have been seen. Invaluable plant remains have also been found in amber including flowers, mushroom caps, seeds, leaves, stems, pine needles and pine cones.

The rarity of the trapped fossils controls the value of the amber more so than the quality of the amber. Remember these are fossils and are not the same species that are alive today. Amber has greatly increased the knowledge of the evolution of insects and plants as well as enlivening the interest in paleontology in general.

Fossil business

Recently, a new trend in the amber business has appeared: people thinking of the future, invest their money in purchasing unique pieces of amber containing fossils. Experts say that the cost of such collections will skyrocket in the future.

In Western Europe, interest in amber and admiration of the soft stone is growing. In Germany, an Amber Union has been established, consisting of more than a hundred scientists, collectors, people from the art world and representatives of the business world. Members of this union spend hours discussing the wonderful burning stone (Bernstein, amber).

The heart of German professor Wolfgang Weitschatt breaks when he hears that unique samples of amber are sold for songs to the West, thus disappearing from the scientists' field of vision. The professor dreams of finding an amber nugget with a fossil of a flea hardened within the resin millions of years ago. Until now, there are only two such finds known in the world.

Natural amber inclusions in magnifying box

Amber insect inslusions in magnifier box - inclusion magnifier boxes - wholesale

Insect fossil amber inclusion in magnifier box

Amber mosquito in magnifier box - Baltic amber insect incluion - bug trapped in amber - flora and fauna amber inclusions

Unknown bug trapped in amber piece - collection rare amber inclusion

Amber bug trapped in amber - amber forrils and inclusions wholesale shop - magnifier box - magnifying boxex

Amber stone#1 - bug inclusion

Unknown bug trapped in amber - fossil amber


Amber stone#2 - unknown bug inclusion

Unidentified insect in Baltic amber - fossil inclusion - amber fossils


Amber stone#3 - moth inclusion

Bug in amber - Bug inclusion


Amber stone#4 - big moschito inclusion

Huge mosquito amber inclsuion - fossil inclusions - misquito in amber


Amber stone#5 - unknown bug inclusion

Unknown bug inclusion - natural amber pieces inclusion


Amber stone#6 - moth inclusion

Moth trapped in amber - moth inclusion - Baltic amber inclusion


Amber stone#7 - unknown bug inclusion

Unknown bug trapped in Baltic amber - Bug inclusion - fossil inclusion - fauna inclusion


Amber stone#8 - fly inclusion

Large amber fly inclusion


Amber stone#9 - wasp? inclusion

Amber wasp inclusion - Fossil inclusion amber wasp


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