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Amber Jewelry tools, equipment, supplies for jewelers, jewelry makers, craftsmen, watchmakers, and hobbyists. We offer amber jewelry findings, beads, charms, cord, baltic amber beads, jewelry display items and other amber jewelry components.Amber Workshop is the supplier to the professional jeweler and hobbyist of jewelry findings, gems and stringing supplies. Amber jewellery supplies of amber semi-precious stones. Also we offer varios types of amber beads: round beads, amber nuggets, faceted amber beads, amber chips, other shapes. We have lots of customers buying jewelry from USA, Canada, practically all European customers, Australia and many other countries. We welcome International orders. We actively sell amber jewelry in USA, UK, Canada, Autsratila, France (Paris) Germany, Japan, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and many other countries throughout the world.

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Natural Baltic amber jewelry supplies

Amber Jewelry supplies  - jewelry supplies - wholesale jewelry supplies
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Amber jewelry supplies - amber jewelry supply catalogue

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We offer polished amber stones for sale. These are very beautiful polished stones for private collections of business gifts. Also polished amber stones are very popular for exclusive amber jewelry making. Such as huge pendants, nuge amber necklaces, as elements for body jewerlry.

Amber cabochons for sale - baltic amber cabochons for sale - amber cabochons supplier - amber cabs supplies

Loose amber pendant shop

Raw amber material supplies - raw amber jewelry making supplies
Loose balic amber bead supplies - beading supplies
Polished yellow-white amber chunk
Baltic amber cabs - oval, round, square shape amber cabs
Loose amber hearts - amber heart pendants - loose heart amber beads
Raw material used for amber jewelry making. The raw material we offer is naural Ukrainian and Baltic amber.
Loose amber beads of various shapes . Round, olive, heart, baroque, flat and other shapes of beads. Drilled and undrilled.
Loose polished amber stones of various shapes. Transparent and matt amber pieces. Sold as loose stones or as huge amber beads.
Different types of amber cabochons. Round, oval and multishape amber cabs. Various colour - wholeasale only.
Loose amber pendant stones of various shapes (freeform, hearts, crosses, star of David, leaf, custom). Premium quality.


Amber Beading supplies

Wholesale amber jewelry making Supplies, wholesale amber bead supply, wholesale baltic amber loose beads, wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry. We are a wholesale bead supplier for sterling silver jewelry findings, wholesale Swarovski crystals, Bali, alphabet letter beads, turquoise, prayer boxes, semi-precious gemstones, silver charms, watch faces and beading supplies. Loose beads are used for making: beaded amber necklaces, beaded amber bracets (malas), rosaries (prayer beads, worry beads, tibetian beads). Amber Beads and amber beading supplies in a variety of styles and materials. designer's source for beads and beading supplies. We carry a wide selection of affordable beads including smooth and faceted amber gemstone beads.The Amber Workshop is a wonderful bead store featuring a full selection of beads, beading supplies and amber jewelry-making supplies from around the world.

Raw amber / rough amber material - for jewelry makers, for varnishmaking, for jewelry designers, for pharmaceutical companies, etc.

Raw amber gemstones are used for jewelry making. We sell amber incense, small raw amber chips, scrap quality and of course jewelry (premium) quality raw amber material. We have lots of amber material buyers from all over the world. Raw amber material is used in jewelry making, in medicine, in varnishmaking, in chemical industry. Raw amber is very popular in Germany, Poland, Russia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries.

Loose amber stones - for jewelry makers, carvers, private collectors, etc.

We manufacture amber stones made of natual amber materials. The best amber stones available for sale. Tubled polished amber stones are perfect for expensive amber jewelry making. We are very interested to manufacture amber rosaries.

Amber cabochins - for jewelry makers, carvers, private collectors, etc.

Loose amber pendant stones - for jewelry makers, carvers, private collectors, etc.

One of our most popular positions is amber pendant stones. Only the best stones are used. Loose amber pendant stones and pendants can be made without clasps and mounts. This is a great product for jewelry makers and designers. Throughout the world



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