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Amber jewelry made of natural authentic amber. Buy Baltic amber jewelry directly from manufacturer. Amber Workshop is direct amber jewelry manufacturer from Baltic States. We offer artisan Baltic amber jewelry. Our amber jewelry is handmade and one-of-a-kind. We are a great online source for amber jewelry especially if you are a boutique or amber jewelry shop. We sell amber jewelry troughout the world. We have lots of customers buying jewelry from USA, Canada, practically all European customers, Australia and many other countries. We welcome International orders. Amber jewelry UK, Amber jewelry France, Paris. Premium quality amber jewelry for amber boutiques. We actively sell amber jewelry in USA, UK, Canada, Autsratila, France (Paris) Germany, Japan, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and many other countries throughout the world. Other spelling of amber jewelry are: ambar jewelry, ambar jewellery, amber jewellery, amber jewelery and most common misspellings: ejwelry, jweelry, jeewlry, jewlery, jewerly, jewelyr, jjewelry, jeewelry, jewwelry, jeweelry, jewellry, jewelrry, jewelryy, ewelry, jwelry, jeelry, jewlry, jewery, jewely, jewelr, kewelry, jwwelry, jeeelry, jewwlry, jewekry, jewelty, jewelru, hewelry, jrwelry.

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Amber jewelry - cognac colour amber beads

Amber jewelry - cognac colour amber ring - solid amber ring

Buy various amber bracelets form manufacturer. We offer big massive amber bracelets, small amber bracelets, streched amber bracelts and lots more.
Amber jewelry - amber pendants for sale. We have various styles of amber pendants: heart shaped amber pendants, cross shape amber pendants, with and without sterling silver mounts.

Islamic amber rosaries (amber prayer beads or amber worry beads) is one of  our main products. We offer different types of amber rosaries for sale. Big exlusive rosaries, small rosaries,  round rosaries, olive shape amber rosaries. Colour of amber beads ranges from yellow-white and white (royal amber) to pink, cognac, antique and cherry colours. Islamic rosaries are also known as Tasbih, Masbaha, Mesbaha, greeks call them komboloi.

Amber jewelry - lemon color round beads
Amber jewelry - yellow and white solid amber ring
Amber jewelry - chips streched bracelet
Amber jewelry - amber pendant
Arabic amber rosary
Amber jewelry - round bead necklace
Cognac colour solid amber ring - amber only ring
Amber jewelry - rough amber bracelet with clasp
Amber jewelry - honey amber pendant
Arabic amber tasbih, masbaha. subha
Amber jewelry - green amber cross - amber pendant
Amber jewelry - lemon amber rosary - prayer beads - worry beads
Amber jewelry - Star of David pendant - amber pendant
Amber jewelry - amber prayer beads, amber rosary


Collection amber items
We offer polished amber stones for sale. These are very beautiful polished stones for private collections of business gifts. Also polished amber stones are very popular for exclusive amber jewelry making. Such as huge pendants, nuge amber necklaces, as elements for body jewerlry.

Amber Workshop has a collection of more than 100 stones of amber with insect and plant inclusions. Also we offer for sale insect inclusions in amber in magnifier boxes.

Amber chess set available for sale. Big exclusive amber figurines with gold. Amber chess set is called "Moslems versus Christians". This is unique one-of-a-kind chess set.
We offer hand carved amber figurines made of real amber. We manufacture figurines  of animals: amber elephants, amber turtles, bears, bulls, walruses, turtles, monkeys and lots more. Cursom orders are also available.
amber jewelry box with a rose on top


Buy natural raw and semi-finished materials used for amber jewelry making
Amber Workshop offers raw amber / rough amber for collectors and jewelry makers. Buy authentic raw amber from first hands
Amber Workshop is the manufacturer of loose amber beads. We sell multicolour amber beads both transparent and matt beads. All beads are round. We welcome wholesale buyers.
Amber cabochons for sale



Amber Workshop offers traditional amber jewelry and fossil specimen pieces.

We offer wide variety of amber jewelry treasures in a glorious selection of elegant baltic amber designer jewelry styles and colors. Baltic amber and incense jewelry made by manufacturer, incense candles, incense oil and hardened incense stones. Beautiful jewelry made from preserved life millions of years old. Even ancient people used amber for jewelry, but the press it received in the movie Jurassic Park generated a new wave of popularity for it.

There are gorgeous bracelets, beautiful necklaces, dazzling pins and much more - all made from a 100% natural amber gem!


Amber jewelry wholesale marketplace for registered buyers and amber and silver jewellery manufacturers.

Amber jewelry is handcrafted from fossilized tree sap over 40-60 million years old. Each piece is unique because embedded in each are tiny specks of ancient lifeforms.

Amber has been made into jewelry for over 2,000 years. For centuries it was only worn by nobility and not available to the masses. In ancient Rome it was called "Gold of The North" because the high-quality amber like we offer is found in Poland's Baltic Sea area.

Most variety & largest selection on genuine Baltic amber with silver jewelry wholesaler, importer, & manufacturer. Top quality & affordable price on amber art jewelry.

offers an assortment of beautiful sterling silver amber jewelry pieces. Our amber jewelry is available with amber cabochons or faceted amber. Choose from sterling silver celtic design amber pendants, amber necklaces, amber bracelets & more. Now our amber jewelry has expanded. Be sure to visit both sections of amber jewelry before making your final selections.

Our amber jewelry is a product of nature and like humans, no two are alike. That's what adds to the character and mystic of Amber.

"Thousands of years ago people were fascinated by the extraordinary, inexplicable properties of the golden pebbles found on beaches and in coastal forests. The stone burnt when cast into the fire, exuding a pleasant resinous smell and aromatic smoke, and, when rubbed, attracted various small light items towards itself as if by magic. The stone interior would often hide small undamaged plants and insects, which must also have found their way inside by magic. That sufficed to arouse the curiosity of primitive man, with admiration & respect for this unusual gem. It is no wonder man started attributing magical powers to amber."

Healing properties of amber

Healing Properties: said to have especially good effects on the brain, lungs, thyroid, spleen, endocrine system, inner ear, and neurological tissue. Also, said to draw disease out of afflicted areas and neutralize negative energy allowing the body to heal itself. It is also said, when used properly, Amber has the power to add stability to your life.

Amber is not a crystalline form nor can it be literally classified as a stone. In actuality, Amber is petrified pine tree sap that is million of years old. Captured within the sap are frequently found small insects, flowers, seeds and other remnants of prehistoric nature. These preserved life forms make Amber an archeological find worth studying.

Amber does not emit strong healing energy, but it does have the power to draw disease from the body. It is beneficial to place pieces of Amber over any area of the body that is imbalanced or in pain. Amber can absorb the negative energy and help the body to heal itself. Often, after using Amber for such purposes, it will become very dull and clouded. Always cleanse Amber after using it to ensure its healing potency and to prevent it from distributing negative energy.

In healing, Amber is mostly used for its brilliant golden color reflection. By placing Amber over the area of internal organs, these tissues can be revitalized. The gold-orange color is associated with the Navel Chakra and the grounding of energies into the physical body. Amber can be worn or used by people that tend to have suicidal tendencies, who do not want to be in a physical body, or who get depressed easily. It will help ground the higher energies onto the earth plane to be utilized by the body for healing and balancing. Amber can be made into stunning jewelry that can be worn for beauty, as well as for grounding and stabilizing effects.

Amber is known to mineralogists as succinite, from the Latin succinum, which means amber. Heating amber will soften it and eventually it will burn, a fact that has given rise to the name of bernstein, by which the Germans know amber. Rubbing amber with a cloth will make it electric, attracting bits of paper. The Greek name for amber is elektron, or the origin of our word electricity. Amber is a poor conductor of heat and feels warm to the touch (minerals feel cool). The modern name for amber is thought to come from the Arabic word, amber, meaning ambergris. Ambergris is the waxy substance formed in the intestines of sperm whales and used to make perfumes. Ambergris and amber are only related by the fact that both wash up on beaches.

Amber studies are truly interdisciplinary. Geologists and paleontologists are interested in amber because it is a fossil, evidence of prehistoric life. Archeologists look at trade routes and the barter view of amber. Organic chemists investigate the physical and chemical properties. Botanists and entomologists examine the botanical sources of amber and embalmed insects and debris. Poets, writers, and artists look to amber for sunny inspirations. Gemologists and jewelers desire amber for its beauty and rarity. Curators and conservationists preserve and archive amber.


Amber jewelry made of natural authentic amber. AmberWorkshop is a company from Baltic states. We are amber jewelry makers with more than 10 years in amber business. We manufacture amber jewelry. Our amber jewelry is sold throughout the world. We have lots of customers and partners in US, UK (United Kingdom), Germany, Australia, Canada, France / Paris, Arabic Countries (Qatar, UAE, Bahrein, Egypt), Japan, China, Taiwan, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Ireland and much more. At AmberWorkshop, we offer wholesale sterling silver jewelry, body piercing jewelry, fashion jewelry with contemporary styles and low prices. As the leading manufacturer of fine jewelry we offer outstanding quality, selection and value. We are jewelry manufacturer and direct supplier of 925 sterling silver jewelry, body jewelry, costume jewelry and fashion jewelry. Our wholesale product include rings, toe rings, earring, anklets, bracelets, necklaces, semi precious stones jewelry accessories, barbell, belly ring, beaded bracelets and necklaces and much much more. Our jewelry warehouse carry thousands of designs of jewelry and gifts items. Fantastic selectionhas of over 5000 pieces of quality jewelry at discount prices. If you are a jewelry retailer /wholesaler and looking for good prices and excellent quality of jewelry and fashion accessories, please check out our wholesale jewelry catalog online below.


We welcome retail and wholesale orders.


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