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Amber cabochons premium Baltic amber

Amber cabochons

Real natural authentic amber cabs for sale
Baltic Amber cabochons for sale, buy amber cabochons directly from manufacturer. Baltic amber cabs shop. All amber cabs are made of natural amber. Beautiful Baltc amber cabochons, most popular cabs are: 10x8 amber gemstone oval cabochon, 14x10mm oval amber cabochons, rich butterscotch amber 8x10 ovel cabs, AAA, oval shaped amber cabs loose cabochon , mixed shaped amber cabs loose cabochon, pear shaped amber cabs loose cabochon, round amber cabs loose cabochon parcel, rectangle cabochon. Amber cabochons are being used for many different purposes, but mainly for jewelry. cabochon is a stone that has a rounded, domed surface with no facets.

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Baltic amber cabochons

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Baltic amber cabs
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Oval amber cabs
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Amber cabs for sale

AmberWorkshop is direct manufacturer of amber cabochons. We manufacture different styles of amber cabochons.

We offer amber cabs:

  • round cabochons
  • oval cabochons
  • custom shape cabochons
  • carved amber cabs

We manufacture amber cabs on request.

If you have any other questions regarding amber cabs please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help you.

Gallery of amber cabs

Sample image of Baltic amber cabs - natural authentic amber

Sample image of Baltic amber cabs - natural authentic amber


Light honey, light cognac colour, greenesh amber cabs
(spangled cabochons)

Loose amber cabochon gemstones polished wholesale


Massive spangled Baltic amber cabochon

Polished amber cabochon - baltic amber cabochons wholesale


Light butterscotch colour amber cab - round cabochon

Round amber cabs - wholesale round shape amber cabs - natural amber cabochons - amber cabs


Light honey spangled amber cab - natural authentic amber

Light honey amber cabochon - amber cab - Baltic amber  - 100% natural authentic


Samples of Baltic amber cabs - natural authentic amber

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Samples of Baltic amber cabs - natural authentic amber

Wholesale Baltic amber cabs - natural amber cabs - natural amber cabochon wholesaler - russian amber cabochons



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Updated: May 14, 2022